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PO Number: <br />St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners <br />Vendor: <br />QuantityDescription Unit Price Extended Price <br />TOTAL: <br />Federal Employers Identification: 59-6000835 <br />State Sales Tax Exemption: 85-8012622335C-9 <br />Building Rental <br />C12-06-203 <br />Monthly rent and CAM per commercial lease. <br />B-20-001600-1540-544000-150000 <br />$62,980.00 <br />Coco Vista LLC <br />1934 Commerce Ln STE 1 <br />Jupiter FL 33458 <br />P2020452 <br />PAGE:1 <br />PURCHASE ORDER <br />2300 Virginia Ave. <br />Ft. Pierce, FL 34982-5652 <br />Telephone: (772) 462-1700 <br />Fax: (772) 462-1704 <br />36237 <br />(PO number must appear on all documents and packages) <br />Issue Date: <br />Delivery Date: <br />10/07/19 <br />09/30/20 <br />Please send invoices to: <br />St. Lucie County <br />2300 Virginia Ave. <br />Ft. Pierce, FL 34982-5652 <br />TPO <br />TPO <br />Coco Vista <br />466 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd. <br />Suite 111 <br />Ship these items to: <br />U/M <br />Requisition #: R2020454 <br /> 62,980.0000 62,980.00 1.00 EA <br />For additional information contact: <br />Kyle Bowman <br />772-462-2340 <br /> <br />TPO <br />FINANCE COPY